Can a Disciplinary Investigation Report Contain Too Much Detail? [NHS 24 v Pillar]

Ms Pillar, a nurse, was dismissed for gross misconduct after a third patient safety incident (PSI).

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Monitoring an Employee’s Emails Infringed His Private Life [Barbelescu v Romania]

Mr Barbelescu, a Romanian national, was dismissed when his employer discovered that he had been using their email system for private use, sending a number of messages to his family.

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Requirement for Employee to Sit a Written Exam Was Not Disability Discrimination

We have previously written about a case where a claimant was successful in arguing disability discrimination when she was required to take an exam as part of her employer’s recruitment process.

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Suspending an Employee Was a Breach of Trust and Confidence

The case of Agoreyo v London Borough of Lambeth, reminds employers about the potential pitfalls of suspension.

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Whistleblowing Legislation [Chesterton Global Limited v Nurmohamed]

What does “in the public interest” mean in the whistleblowing legislation?

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