Never say never to TUPE and share sales

The general position when the shares of a company are acquired by a third party, is that the share sale does not, of itself, trigger a TUPE transfer. This is because the identity of the employer does not change; the employer continues to be the company whose shares have been bought.

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Employer liable for data protection breach by rogue employee

A malicious employee of Morrisons supermarket, Mr Skelton, leaked the personal data of almost 100,000 of his colleagues, by posting it online and sending it to a newspaper.

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A round-up of recent employment law news and forthcoming changes

We’ve provided a quick round-up of all the recent employment law news and forthcoming changes.

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When is it fair to dismiss an employee for failing to provide documents showing their “right to work” in the UK?

If an employer employs someone who does not have the right to work in the UK, it may be subject to a penalty of up to £20,000. However, the employer will have a “statutory excuse” if it can show it carried out certain documentary checks on the worker regarding their right to work. So, if the Home Office was to find that a worker did not in fact have the right to work in the UK, but their employer…

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Holding a protected conversation

We set out some key tips for employers when holding a “protected conversation”.

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