Careful with the Boilerplate

Anyone dealing with drafting, negotiating or performing contracts on a regular basis will probably be familiar with a range of seemingly standard ‘boilerplate’ terms that tend to appear towards the end of many commercial contracts. These terms are often devices that are of little pressing interest to those actually performing the contracts but are often essential for the smooth and logical…

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Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practices

As we have previously reported, Matthew Taylor was appointed by the Government to conduct an independent review of how employment practices need to adapt to fit with the way modern businesses are run. The review was published yesterday, to mixed reaction. We run through some of the key recommendations made in the review.

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Shared Parental Pay and Discrimination

In the case of Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd an Employment Tribunal decided that a male employee who took leave to care for his child had suffered direct sex discrimination when he did not receive enhanced pay that would have been available to a female employee.

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Boxer v Excel Group Services (In Liquidation)

An Employment Tribunal has decided that an individual was a “worker”, despite being labelled in the contract as self-employed.

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TP Host Employee Ownership Inquiry

Earlier this week Turner Parkinson hosted the Manchester hearing of The Ownership Effect Inquiry, an initiative of the Employee Ownership Association, which aim is to evidence the opportunities for employee ownership as both an economic and social enabler.

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