Game, set and match for Boris Becker’s bankruptcy?

London-based private bankers Arbuthnot Latham & Co (“ALC”) petitioned for bankruptcy following what appears to be protracted disputes dating back to 2015.

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Insolvency team advise on Prescott & Conran administration

Upmarket restaurant group Prescott & Conran, co-founded by Sir Terence Conran, has this week announced that the business has gone in to administration with Turner Parkinson’s Insolvency team advising the administrator.

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Aston Villa's impending winding up petition – What happens now?

Aston Villa face a winding up petition issued by HMRC for unpaid tax.  If you’re a business owner the one thing you don’t want to receive is a winding up petition because as soon as your bank finds out  about the petition the company bank account will usually be frozen.

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Top 3 ways to get out of business debt fast

Sometimes taking on debt is necessary to develop, expand and grow a business. Sometimes, however, debt can get out of hand either due to taking on too many loans or if the business doesn’t bring in enough revenue to keep up with repayments to name but a few reasons. So what can you do to try to work your way out of debt fast before it has an impact on your business?

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Tech start-ups and insolvency

The tech industry has its fair share of major successes but it still remains an industry with a high rate of insolvency. So what can a tech startup founders do to protect themselves, their businesses and ideas from an uncertain future?

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