Boarding pass, check! Passport, check! Insolvent Airline Insurance..?

The summer holiday period is well and truly underway and many travellers are jetting off for weeks of sand, sunshine and questionable sangria. However, amongst the typical pre-holiday preparation of packing, printing the boarding passes and booking the airport taxi, travellers should check if they have Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI).

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The case of the vanishing dismissal

In an ideal world, your disciplinary hearing managers can be safely relied upon to always deliver faultlessly fair decisions when dismissing employees, after an impeccable dismissal process.

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Memes are safe, for now!

For those unfamiliar with memes (pronounced “meem(s)”) they can be simply described as humorous images, videos or pieces of text that are copied and spread rapidly by internet users.

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Turner Parkinson acquisition completed

The deal gives Knights access to the Manchester business market via Turner Parkinson’s base in the city, with it looking to grow the Turner Parkinson business significantly.

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