Nick Davenport

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Turner Parkinson is sad to announce the death of Nick Davenport, who was Senior Partner for over 16 years. Nick had been unwell for a little while, but seemed to be on the mend. He passed away on Monday 9th April.

James Sheridan, TP's Head of Corporate, spoke of when he first met Nick over 20 years ago.

"I met Nick in 1993 when I started my first job as a fresh-faced graduate - he was my first boss! We worked together for about 5 years, with me generally in his slipstream, carrying his bags and tidying up the things he threw over his shoulder. Twelve years later, a speculative call followed up with the mandatory pint or two led to me making what has turned out to be the best decision of my business career so far when we started to talk about Turner Parkinson, and I ended up joining forces with him again in 2011."

"All those years later, he still had that phenomenal legal brain, a spring in his step as he bounced around the office and he never missed an opportunity for a good time if one was available. Generally the last to leave the bar or party, he really was one of the last of the old school breed. He partied hard, and worked harder - even though as time passed it was clear that his health challenges were having an impact on his ability to do both: in which case he focussed on doing one at a time! I often thought he was here for a good time, not necessarily a long time. Very sadly that has proved to be true - thanks for everything Nick."

Nick was a colleague and friend who will be sadly missed.