Employment Tribunal decisions are now available online

As of 9 February 2017, ET decisions are now available online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions.

Previously, in order to obtain a copy of an ET decision you had to request it in person from the ET Judgement Register Office in Bury St. Edmunds.

This marks the start of ET decisions being made available online and being able to be shared via social media.  This is going to have a number of implications for individuals and employers alike.  Anyone will now be able to access the most recent decisions.  This could have the potential to damage reputations and provide potential claimants with access to information which may assist with bringing of claims. 

Employers should always consider whether a claim should be settled in order to avoid legal costs and management time.  Reputational damage is also a key factor to consider when dealing with litigation.  The availability of an online database for people to access is likely to bring this into a sharper focus.