The Pension Schemes Bill

Following the Queen’s Speech on 18 May 2016 the Government announced that new legislation was proposed to regulate further occupational pension schemes. The bill containing the draft legislation was duly laid before the House of Lords on 19 October, and the bill received its second reading on 01 November. The bill now moves to the committee stage in the House of Lords.

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Uber Drivers Are Not Self-Employed Contractors and Are Entitled to Workers’ Rights

In accordance with a landmark judgement given by the Employment Tribunal on 28 October 2016 in Aslam and ors v Uber BV and ors, Uber drivers are to be classified as workers and as such, are entitled to basic workers’ rights, including entitlement to the national minimum wage, paid annual leave, and whistleblower protection.

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Equal Pay – Who Are Employees Entitled to Compare Themselves With….

In the recent Preliminary Hearing judgement of Brierley and others v Asda Stores Ltd ET/2406372/2008, an Employment Tribunal held that retail employees were entitled to compare themselves to distribution employees for the purposes of their equal pay claim.

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Does Failure to Allow Certain Flexible Working Arrangements for Breastfeeding Mothers Amount to Sex Discrimination…?

… yes according to a recent Employment Tribunal decision in the case of McFarlane and another v easyJet Airline Company Ltd ET/1401496/15 & ET/3401933/15.

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HR – Beware!

A number of recent Employment Tribunal claims have considered the role of Human Resources (HR) and its role in disciplinary investigations.

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