A Purle of a judgment: creditors think twice when applying for administration orders…

The judiciary has traditionally refrained from exercising commercial assessments in a business context. However, a recent High Court case has demonstrated that the court is willing to use independent commercial judgment when deciding whether to make an administration order.

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Brexit and UK Employment Law

The results of the EU referendum are now known and, by a small majority, the UK is going to leave the EU.  When and how this will work in practice could not be more uncertain as matters currently stand. The implications for UK employment law will only really be known when politicians have figured out what Brexit actually means in practice.

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Injury To Feelings Under Working Time Regulations 1998

In the case of Santos Gomes v Higher Level Care Limited, the Claimant presented various claims including in relation to a failure to provide her with 20 minute rest breaks in breach of regulation 12 (1) of the Working Time Regulations (WTR). The Employment Tribunal awarded £1,220 in respect of pecuniary loss. The Claimant also claimed that she was entitled to an award for injury to feeling under a…

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Focus on Employment Tribunals

The HM Courts and Tribunal Service has announced plans to introduce a new online database of Employment Tribunal decisions in Autumn 2016. The new database will be available to the public to search on the internet. It will include judgments from England, Wales and Scotland and will initially only cover new judgments. A decision has not yet been made on converting existing judgments to be made…

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