The European Court Gives Decision On Woolworths Case

UK law requires an employer to collectively consult when it proposes to make 20 or more redundancies at one establishment within a 90-day period. The Woolworths case looked at the meaning of “establishment”. Before the case, the approach was often taken that collective consultation was only required if 20 or more employees were at risk of redundancy within one specific site or branch.

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Employment Tribunal Awards Worker On Zero Hours Contract

An Employment Tribunal recently adopted a bold approach to the assessment of an award for injury to feelings in the case of Southern v Britannia Hotels Limited which has some useful learning points for employers.

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Party Politics – Focus on the General Election 2015

Issues that impact on employment have formed a significant part of what the major parties have focussed on in the run up to the General Election and whichever party, or parties, form a government there are likely to be some significant changes in the future.

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