Review of Tribunal Fees Announced

The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has announced that his department will be carrying out an urgent review of the employment tribunal fees system.

The Business Secretary has ordered an urgent review to determine whether the fees are preventing access to justice (despite the fact that the recent judicial review application challenging the fees was unsuccessful).

He is concerned at the significant drop in the number of Tribunal claims since the fee system was introduced; between April and June 2013, some 44,334 tribunal claims were issued in the tribunal; by the corresponding period in 2014, the number of claims had reduced by 70%.

Following a political clash with Mr Grayling, the Conservative Justice Secretary, Mr Cable has written an open letter expressing his concern at the fact that the “rigorous review” of the fee system, which had been promised within the first year of their introduction had still not yet been carried out, even though the fees had already been in place for 18 months. Mr Cable has therefore instructed his department to “initiate a review of employment tribunal fees based on all the publicly available data and research on the impact of fees in employment tribunals”.

The findings are expected in a matter of weeks.

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