The Queen's Speech

The Queen delivered her speech, opening the final session of Parliament before the General Election, on Wednesday 4 June 2014. The speech contained details of a number of employment related measures in the Government’s proposed legislative programme.

The Small Business Enterprise and Employment Bill will contain measures in relation to the following areas:

  • Tackling National Minimum Wage abuses and cracking down on the abuse of zero hours contracts. In relation to the National Minimum Wage, employers who fail to pay the National Minimum Wage will face penalties of up to £20,000 per employee rather than £20,000 in total (which is the current position);
  • Reducing delays in the Employment Tribunal;
  • Addressing highly paid public sector employees keeping redundancy payments when they come back to the same part of the public sector within a short period of time;
  • Increasing the flexibility of childcare regulations to better meet the needs of working families; and
  • Ensuring that red tape that affects small businesses is frequently reviewed.

We will keep you updated when the details become clearer in the coming months.