Managing Partner Swaps 'Hot Seat' for 'Driving Seat'

Mark Openshaw-Blower swaps the "hot seat" of Managing Partner to the "driving seat" as van driver to raise money for Christies and MacMillan. 

Elliot and Sam Heward had the idea of climbing the four highest peaks in the UK and cycling between them.  Mark will be driving the van and reading the newspaper while they do the hard bit!

Elliot and Sam are raising money for their father, Graeme Heward who was diagnosed with a rare and malignant facial tumour.

Together with fantastic medical staff, family and friends Graeme has come through his first year of challenges.  His story describes the ups and downs when he encountered a life threatening and life changing period in his life.

With two friends from university, Elliot and Sam wanted to show their support by enduring a challenge of their own echoing the ups and downs and struggles Graeme encountered.  This is how Facing Challenges Together began.

Anyone supporting Christies/Macmillan will be making a huge difference to the treatment, research and support of patients with cancer.

The Challenge

11 days of gruelling United Kingdom and Ireland hills and roads taking in the four highest peaks by bike and on foot.  A similar distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats, except a total bike and foot climb equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. Setting off on July 2nd 2014 from Christie.

We wish them all luck and hope Mark doesn’t get too tired waiting around for them to finish….!!