Senior Lawyers/Partners

Whether you are sick of being a number not a name, your impact not being recognised or the systems and processes in place at your current firm stop you from making a positive difference for your clients, or you just fancy a change of scene - we’d love to speak to you.

Most of the senior people who have joined our team over the last few years have done so because they want to take control of their careers and business interests. Often, they want to get back to the simplicity of just doing a great job for clients at a fair price without the intrusive scrutiny that many law firms operate in their day to day routine.

Many people who have joined us have “been there and done it” with the bigger firms, still love doing the client work and want to do things their way.

We think the business of law is pretty simple: do a good job for great clients at a fair price, get paid, repeat.

If this rings a bell, email or text James Sheridan in total confidence. A coffee and initial chat about our business and how it might suit you is ready and waiting.