Mid-Ranking Lawyers

Been doing some great work but struggling to fight your way through the crowded promotion corridor and slide your way up the greasy pole? Wondering why those old partners are still hanging on and not retiring to make space for you and your ambitious colleagues? Not even getting much of a bonus because the firm is working to improve its profitability?

Well we don’t think this is likely to change any time soon in Lawyer 100 law firms; and waiting around for things to change is a long term strategy at best.

We’d be keen to talk to you about how things might be different for you at Turner Parkinson.

Here, if you’re good enough you’re old enough – and if you have great ideas, we want to see you put them into action. Oh and we pay great bonuses to our top performers.

If this rings a bell, or you are interested to see if the grass really is greener, email or text James Sheridan in total confidence. A coffee and initial chat about our business and how it might suit you is ready and waiting!