TPSpark - A different approach to start-ups


When engaging with the start-up community one of the main recurring themes we hear is around the want and need for the founders to “professionalise” and de-risk their businesses. This can be for key strategic events such as a fund raise or just simply to help management concentrate on the bottom line, growing their businesses. The long hours have been put in and the business is now at a stage where there is something tangible that needs a higher level of protection.


Often the main question and barrier we encounter (This is a start-up after all and cashflow is king!), any large bills can often be enough to decide against / put off such work regardless of its importance. Our TPSpark offering looks to give start-ups the chance to de-risk their business in a cost-effective way through spreading the project cost of professionalising the business across 12 months, boosting to the businesses cashflow and risk position.

What is Covered?

The underlying principle is that if a legal need falls within your day-to-day business operations, then it can be covered by our scope.  We sit down with each individual business and talk through their specific needs and areas of risk designing a bespoke offering we then implement. TPSpark provides continuous support around legal matters that arise within your business underpinning your growth strategy and allowing Turner Parkinson to anticipate problems and provide additional business protection, saving valuable management time and significantly reducing costs.

Tpspark Highlights

TPSpark gives start-ups all the legal protection afforded by their larger competitors delivered in a way that is bespoke to their business.

If you would like to find out more about TPSpark, please contact our Business Development Director Oliver Connolly.