TP360 - Business risk reduction

We work with you to identify and reduce the key risks in your business, helping you prioritise where to direct your resources in the short, medium and long term. We have reviewed some of the most common daily legal issues facing most SME's and developed a monthly fixed price offering providing all round legal security. This not only reduces the risk your business holds in its day to day running but also caps the cost of delivering these services.

We agree a scope of services to be provided under TP360, which will allow a monthly fixed fee to be formalised. The underlying principle is that if a legal need falls within the day-to-day running of your business, then it can be covered by our scope, allowing you the time to grow your business.

TP360 looks to cover wide ranging challenges to businesses including:

Tpspark Highlights

TP360 provides continuous support underpinning your growth strategy and allowing Turner Parkinson to anticipate problems and provide additional business protection.

If you would like to find out more about TP360, please contact our Business Development Director Oliver Connolly.