In A Whistleblowing Claim, Does the Manager Who Made the Decision to Dismiss Need to Know About the Relevant Protected Disclosure?

The case of Royal Mail v Jhuti looked at whether an employee was automatically unfairly dismissed due to whistleblowing, when the manager who made the decision to dismiss was not actually aware that the employee had blown the whistle.

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Key employment law changes for 2018

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, here is a brief summary of some of the key employment law changes to look out for next year.

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Can a Disciplinary Investigation Report Contain Too Much Detail? [NHS 24 v Pillar]

Ms Pillar, a nurse, was dismissed for gross misconduct after a third patient safety incident (PSI).

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Monitoring an Employee’s Emails Infringed His Private Life [Barbelescu v Romania]

Mr Barbelescu, a Romanian national, was dismissed when his employer discovered that he had been using their email system for private use, sending a number of messages to his family.

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Requirement for Employee to Sit a Written Exam Was Not Disability Discrimination

We have previously written about a case where a claimant was successful in arguing disability discrimination when she was required to take an exam as part of her employer’s recruitment process.

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