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Working with the right adviser is important.  Relationships are key.  Turner Parkinson is a business law firm regionally and nationally recognised as “good business advisers, not just legal advisers”.   We provide our clients with high quality legal services on time and on budget, working alongside businesses in all sectors to help them grow.  

Latest News

Bentley Motors Loses Trade Mark Battle

David has triumphed over Goliath once more in the battle of the brands as Bentley Motors, the luxury carmaker, loses a trade mark invalidity action against Manchester clothing company Bentley.

The recent Court of Appeal case of Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and Mullins v Smith has been widely reported in the press over the past few weeks but has anything changed regarding employment status?

Not really, but the Court has provided useful guidance as to what to look for when assessing this type of work which will help to determine whether an individual should be properly regarded as a ‘worker’ rather than self-employed.

Gareddu v London Underground Ltd

The employer, London Underground, had, what some might consider to be, a generous holiday scheme in place; Mr Gareddu was entitled to take 38 days holiday each year (inclusive of bank holidays).  Mr Gareddu, a Sardinian national, was a practising Roman Catholic.