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Turner Parkinson is a business law firm which specialises in providing commercially focused advice on all aspects of Commercial and IP, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Insolvency and Commercial Real Estate.

Turner Parkinson is committed to working alongside businesses in all sectors to help them grow. Turner Parkinson’s core principle is to provide high quality, commercially focused legal services to businesses on time and on budget.

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Turner Parkinson is delighted to announce that Simon Weinberg has been promoted to the role of Associate as of 1 September 2014.  His promotion is thoroughly deserved.

Prophet plc -v- Huggett: The Importance Of Well Drafted Restrictive Covenants

In Prophet plc -v- Huggett the Court of Appeal overturned a High Court judge’s decision to add words to a restrictive covenant which, on a literal interpretation, had originally offered no protection to the employer. Although the clause had been professionally drafted, the writer had not thought through the concept underlying his chosen words. In such circumstances, the Court was not entitled to recast the parties’ bargain.

Restrictive Covenants: Good News for Employers?

Restrictive covenants have long been a tricky area for employers wanting to protect their business from damage that may be caused by outgoing employees, whether in relation to protecting customer contacts, price sensitive confidential information or simply trying to prevent competitive activity altogether. The well-established legal position is that restrictive covenants will be void and unenforceable as restraint of trade except where they go no further than is reasonably necessary to protect an employer’s legitimate business interests. Historically, enforcement has been difficult for employers, with the Courts seemingly ready and willing to construe any ambiguities or potential weaknesses in the restrictions against the employer (and refusing to enforce the covenants on this basis).